Calm down everyone. Megan Gale is not engaged.

Repeat: Megan Gale is not engaged.

Megan Gale walked the red carpet last night at the Logie Awards.

She wore a dress made by Alex Perry. Actually, probably not made by Alex Perry. It was likely sewn by someone employed by Alex Perry. Although, I’m sure Alex Perry drives a pretty mean sewing machine.

Megan Gale, with Alex Perry and Cheyenne Tozzi. image via instagram.

I digress.

It was a very nice dress. It shimmered and sparkled.

She also wore some jewellery, including some rings on her fingers.

At one point in the evening, a certain glossy magazine which shall remain nameless, posted a photo of the rings and suggested that perhaps Megan might have some big news to share.

Because that’s the biggest news about Megan Gale right now…

Not that she slapped down haters after her nude cover on Marie Claire magazine who complained about her being pregnant and naked. (Solidarity, Megan. Solidarity.)

Not that she defended the rights of women to post whatever they like to their social media accounts in January.

Not that she took her son River to Kokoda, to begin to teach him about important moments in the life and culture of our nation and our nearest neighbours.

No. Apparently the most important thing about Megan Gale right now is her relationship status.

Megan later posted a photo of the rings to her Instagram account, thanking the jeweller loaned them to her.

Megan's rings. image via instagram

For the record, while we would love to congratulate Megan if at any time she does become engaged to her partner – god knows we love a wedding – but we also want to take time to celebrate her many other achievements in life.

Do you agree that women are more than their relationship status?

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see Megan Gale looking like her fabulous self.

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