To my child-free friends, I'm so sorry...

Your old friends want to see you, but you’re up to your eyes in babies. We’ve all bee there, right? Well this mum, she made a video apology…

A popular YouTube mum posts a hilarious video to apologise to all her childless friends. Elle Walker successfully shows the realities of what it is like to be a mum with a baby and toddler. Particularly one who is trying to be a good friend by replying to a text message while her daughter spills grated cheese on the kitchen floor.  Or keeping her toddler amused while listening to her friend.

All the while thinking about how much free time her child-less friend has.

“Sorry I haven’t texted back, in the 10 seconds, no wait 12 seconds it takes to text back, my kid does this…”

"A night out, I would love a night out. But in reality, I am still a late-night watering hole."

"How about during the day? Nap is when I shower, pretend that I work during business hours and clean up shredded cheese."

"You're here! It's not your fault you didn't bring a friend to entertain my toddler. So I have to go halfsies on this conversation with you so she doesn't melt down."

"Don't worry I am listening. Wait no. I am actually thinking about all the free time you have. It's so weird, you could leave here. Drive to Vegas. See Britney Spears. Or even take a nap!"

"I know we used to talk on the phone every night. Look I just read 8 books and I am only capable of watching Shark Tank."

"But I still love you. And in a few years, I will make it up to you from someone with some bad advice who will never judge you."

And here is the hilarious 90 second video:

Do you relate? And do you find time to catch-up with your child-free friends?