The 8 times it's totally okay to judge other mothers​.

Ugh. When it comes to how mums treat other mums, well – let’s just say we do our best to understand that we all parent differently and we try and respect that.

But let’s be honest – sometimes it’s next to impossible not to put on our judgy pants when we see another mum doing something odd, inappropriate, or just downright mean as far as dealing with her child goes.

And in those instances, I think it’s safe to say we all can agree that it’s ok to mumble under our breath about what a craptastic parent she is – whether it’s all the time or in that particular moment.

On that note, here are eight good instances when it’s perfectly acceptable to judge other mothers.

  1. When she yells at her kid who isn’t doing anything wrong — For example, when her 3-year-old is crying on an plane simply because she has to pee and the seat belt sign is illuminated — and she’s very harshly scolding her for not being a “brave, big girl” and yells and threatens never to take her on a trip again.
  2. When there is snot running down her child’s face — Not a little dribble … like a full-blown legitimate snot stream. Grab a tissue, for crying out loud. Or better yet, keep the kid at home since he’s obviously pretty sick.
  3. When she smokes in the general vicinity of her kids — Nuff said.
  4. When she refuses to discipline her child — If you are at the park and her toddler throws dirt in your child’s face and/or pushes him to the ground and she does nothing? Go ahead and judge all you want.
  5. When she humiliates her kid on purpose — Shaming her. Making fun of her. Ridiculing her. Whatever. It’s mean and nasty no matter how you look at it.
  6. When she gets physical with her child — We’ve all seen a mum grab her kid VERY hard by the arm, give him a push or slap, or worse while we’re out in public. It’s impossible not to feel rage upon seeing a mum mistreat her little one like that.
  7. When she swears at her kid — Not swears in front of him by accident (like we all do from time to time) — but AT him for whatever reason. That’s just not right.
  8. When she isn’t paying any attention to her child — You know, like when her toddler is wandering a good 20 feet behind her in a crowded shopping centre or airport. Um … WTF?

This post was originally published on The Stir here.

Do you agree with all of these eight? Do you have more judge-worthy moments you’d like to add to the list?

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