The 13 little moments in your day worthy of big applause.

With the Rio Olympics jumping at your face wherever you turn, it can be easy for mere mortals to feel a little, well, underachieving. But remember, dear friends, there are moments in your day that mightn’t win you a gold medal, but they’re certainly worthy of a solid pat on the back…

1. Finding a $10 note in the winter coat you haven’t worn for a year.

2. Nabbing the last seat on the train on your commute home.

3. When you desperately need a tampon, reach into your bag, et voila – there’s a random one waiting for your fingers.

Leisel Jones on the aftermath of her gold medal win. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. Managing to sit through a work meeting without swallowing your water down the wrong hole, resulting in a humiliating coughing.

5. When you check your phone in the middle of the night thinking you have no sleep left and you have HOURS until you have to get up. (Post continues after a gallery.)

6. Walking along a street and getting a green light at every crossing.

7. Finding out you have JUST enough change for a coffee.

8. That feeling when you desperately want to bail out of a dinner arrangement but hold out and someone else pulls the pin. Vindicated.

9. When you realise you didn’t finish that block of chocolate last night, and there’s still some left in the cupboard.

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10. Finding the T-shirt you want to wear CLEAN and UNCRUMPLED in your wardrobe.

11. When someone remembers they owe you money. Cha-ching.

12. Saying what you think is a lame joke and getting uproarious laughter from everyone in return.

13. Stressing about the fact that you can’t find your phone, then realising it’s been in your hand the whole time.

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What are the moments you deserve applause for?