The must see movie that takes you inside one of Hollywood's biggest scandals.

It wasn’t until I walked out of Molly’s Game, the drama written and directed by Aaron Sorkin and starring Jessica Chastain, that I realized something big was missing from the plot-line.

Unlike other female-led films there was no intense and sweeping romantic sub-plot and no male savior cruising in just in time to save the day.

There was actually nary a sex scene to be seen. And yet, the story-line, script and characters keep you engrossed in the events unfolding on screen right until the very end.

The film is based on the autobiographical book penned by Molly Bloom. A women who, after being terribly injured while training as an Olympic-class skier, escaped the clutches of her overbearing father and moved to Los Angeles where she inserted herself into the top tiers of Hollywood and beyond and started running the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game.

The opening scene of the film features Chastain’s Molly being awoken in the middle of the night by nearly 20 FBI agents, all who are standing outside her apartment door wielding automatic weapons. This kind of an opener quickly gives you an idea of the level of tension you’ll be living with for the remainder of the film’s run.

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Throughout it’s run, the movie smoothly back flips between Molly’s present day courtroom battle and her past crazy nights spent running poker games for powerful, sleazy men in opulent hotel rooms.


Even if you have no idea how the game of poker is meant to be played (and going in to this movie, I certainly didn’t) the drama, intrigue and stakes around the game scenes are among the most dramatic in the movie.

Especially when you take into account the fact that these moments are all based on real games, and real men. Many of whom are at the top of the fame game and who you would easily recognize.

If you dig back through Bloom’s past, you’ll see that her exclusive poker games were attended by A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Nelly and Alex Rodriguez.

In the film adaption of her memoir, Michael Cera’s brilliant poker playing movie star character, who attempts to destroy Molly’s game, is widely believed to be based on Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire.

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Aside from providing some very interesting background around the past behaviors of Hollywood’s leading men, the movie also takes a deep dive into the inner workings of Molly Bloom, one of the most captivating and complicated characters I’ve seen up on the big screen in a long time.

If you’re looking for an opulent, high-flying world to lose yourself in, than Molly’s Game will offer you a slice that of that.

But more broadly, this movie looks into what it takes to get to the top and how, once you’re there, there really is no easy way out for you.

Molly’s Game may touch on the lives of powerful men, but it is a powerful woman’s story that comes out on top.

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Molly’s Game is currently playing in cinemas Australia wide.