Snail trails and pimples: the most realistic Instagram account out there.

Because sometimes most of the time, we don’t want to shave our legs, either.

Instagram isn’t usually the platform one turns to for a realistic portrayal of life or women’s bodies.

It’s the place models go to post their perfectly buffed and hairless bikini bods in whichever cossie brand they’re spruiking at the time.

But if you’re done with comparing your body to those paid to be beautiful, it’s time to follow Molly Soda.

“I cut my bangs off to properly display this cute lil pimple scab on my forehead shout out to my knee in this pic,” Molly Soda says on Instagram.

The Detroit artist shows the female form in all its true, hairy glory.

From pimples to warts, snail trails and untamed pubes, Soda puts it all on show (to mixed online reactions).

The artist previously leaked her own nude photos in a series called “Should I Send This?”, aimed at displaying the vulnerability of those involved in the online dating game.

The snail trail and untamed pubes. Yep, no laser or Photoshop here.

At the time, she told Dazed she cares more about making other women feel good about themselves than whether men find her attractive.

“I’m not really concerned with what men think of my body hair or my body anymore,” Soda said.

“I’m more concerned with how I feel about my own body.

“Other women’s responses have really encouraged me. I have a lot of girls messaging me about how my stomach hair makes them feel better/less self-conscious about theirs­­. That’s what I care about – not about whether or not men find it attractive.”

Amen, sister.

Check out more of her pics here:

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