Molly is the greatest Bachelor contestant ever. Except she was never actually on the show.

As we wait impatiently for the upcoming season of The Bachelor Australia we are looking around to get our Bachie fix wherever we can, that includes heading overseas.

The last season of the Bachelor US starred 28-year-old handsome outdoors-man Ben Higgins, and a bevvy of beautiful women vying for his attention. One star you may have missed however, was 37-year-old ‘retired actress’ Molly.

That’s because (unfortunately) Molly wasn’t actually on the show.

Molly Hawkey is an actress, improviser and video editing extraordinaire from Los Angeles who has flawlessly edited herself into the Bachelor and become the greatest contestant ever in the process.

Molly’s glossy intro package shows her adventurous side, as the plays tennis, goes jogging and does sunset yoga on a mountain top. If Molly had to describe herself in one word, it would be “fun”:

She’s the oldest contestant in Bachelor history and has a propensity for over sharing that is equally endearing and cringly. Molly is bubbly and willing to give everything a go, but sometimes… misses the mark, and gets left out by her fellow contestants.

Molly Hawkey’s work is brilliantly funny, well thought out and for Bachelor devotees like us, it’s a hilariously accurate interpretation of the DRAMA that we love so much.

Despite her obvious comedic talent, landing acting jobs hasn’t always been easy for Molly Hawkey. So she took matters into her own hands.

We asked Molly what the inspiration was for Molly From The Bachelor, and her answer was simple -“Laughter!”

“I’ve cut myself into things before (like this Hollywood Reporter Oscar Roundtable) so I’m primed to notice any opportunity where “Molly” might fit in,” she told us.

Molly edits herself into the Hollywood Round Table. (Image: Molly Hawkey)

"When I thought of cutting myself into the first Bachelor Teaser, the idea of confusing people made me laugh and laugh, so I knew I had to do it."

And lucky for us, things escalated from there.

"I didn’t think anyone would actually believe that I’d ever be caught dead on The Bachelor or that The Bachelor would ever be caught dead having a contestant like me on it," Molly says. "But when I released the teaser and started getting congratulatory calls, texts and messages from friends and family I laughed even harder. That’s when I realized I had to edit myself into the whole season!"

Molly says that while her character isn't based off any past contestants in particular, it is inspired by the 'type' of contestant the show producers seem to favour.

"For instance, everybody’s got to have a thing," she says. "The widower, the girl who’s father passed away, the single mom, the spacey weirdo, the bitch, the jock, the ethnic one. In my case I went with “the old one.” In fact, I labeled myself the oldest contestant in Bachelor history. At the ripe old age of 37 I am positively ancient!"
"All in all I’d like to say that I had the intention of shining a sobering light on the industry of reality TV," Molly told us. "But really, I just did whatever made me laugh the most."

As for Molly's love life, does she end up with Bachelor Ben? You'll have to watch and see here:

You can find the whole series of Molly From the Bachelor HERE. 

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