‘I drink a can of soft drink every day. Here’s an honest recap of what happened when I tried to quit.’

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I have a confession to make. Sugary soft drinks get me through the day, on many, many occasions. 

Some people love coffee. I love fizzy drinks.

It's not my finest habit, but it's also one which I never thought too much about. Until this month. 

See, I’m a big goal setter, and while purchasing my lunch from the supermarket the other week, I decided to steer clear of the soft drink aisle and head straight to the fridge. That’s when a drink caught my eye.

MOJO Activated Kombucha. Have you heard of it? Allow me to explain.

The range is authentically fermented, low in sugar, and made from real fruit... And, unlike my usual soft drink choice, that's something I can feel very, very smug about drinking.

Enter: my challenge. 

For one week, I'm swapping out soft drinks for a natural, organic alternative, to see if I can handle it. Or better yet... Enjoy it.

I'll try a new flavour every day for a week and report back on my ~honest~ thoughts. Ready? Let's go.


We started the week strong with a Perky Peach MOJO Activated Kombucha to accompany my lunch.

Perky Peach is one of MOJO's newest kombucha flavours, and although I'm not across the whole range yet, I'm immediately very pleased with this flavour. 

If you're a fan of peach iced tea like me, this will be your new go-to drink. It was just sweet enough with a tangy undertone, and unlike my usual soft drink pick, it actually made me feel good. In the soul, and in the tummy.



I hit my 3pm slump. 

Usually a trip downstairs to pick up a soft drink would do, but today, I grabbed a Zingy Ginger MOJO Kombucha as an afternoon pick me up. And pick me up it did.

MOJO's Zingy Ginger flavour tastes like kombucha as it was created to be. It's ginger flavour has a warming effect that's perfect for winter, and my tummy thanks me for it.


Oh, and as an aside: I also caught my boyfriend sneaking into my kombucha stash today, and I'm not in the least bit surprised.

#influenced. Image: Supplied.

He's been converted and I'm glad I have a fellow ex-soft drink addict to join me on my journey.


Okay, I'm getting into a good groove now.


I'm excited to try new flavours each day, so much so that I'm barely thinking about soft drink, and today is no different. 

On my Wednesday morning commute to the office, I reached straight for the Punchy Passionfruit flavour which tasted just as you'd imagine: a sweet passionfruit flavour with MOJO's signature kombucha taste.

What I've been especially loving about my MOJO drinks is that they don't use sneaky sweeteners like stevia or erythritol, which makes them feel good to drink. Oh, and did I mention? They also promote good gut health with 1 billion proven probiotics in every bottle.

This tasty little drink carried me through the day with ease.


Today, I saved my kombucha until the very end of the day, which wasn't too difficult now that my midday soft drink cravings have mostly subsided. 

I sat down for a movie with my partner and held from ordering drinks with our food delivery. I knew I had 'booch in the fridge. And I was excited to try the Majestic Mango Lime Flavour with our Mexican dinner.

Finished before I even got the chance to take a picture. Image: Supplied.


One of the things I especially love about the MOJO Activated Kombucha range is that they've got plenty of flavour to match my mood or cravings. 

Majestic Mango Lime was the most delicious tropical side to some guac and chips. Delish.


Friday bevvies! Today, I tried MOJO's new scrumptious Summer Berry flavour, and it is a new fave for me.

It's the most delicious blend of strawberries and raspberries that was the perfect end of week drink. And one I'm sure I'll be picking up time and time again.

My new non-negotiable Friday work bevvy. Image: Supplied.


My final verdict.

So what did I learn? Fizzy drinks can be delicious and good for you. Call me a MOJO 'booch convert!

My personal favourite flavours were the Summer Berry and Perky Peach, although I can definitely see myself purchasing each of the flavours depending on my mood.

And will I be returning to one can of soft drink a day? Nope!

Challenge successful.

Keen to try it yourself? Get your hands on the MOJO Activated Kombucha range at Woolworths. 

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Mojo Beverages
MOJO is kombucha brewed true! With real fruit and thoughtfully sourced organic ingredients, MOJO’s Activated Kombucha is low sugar and free from sneaky sweeteners, just as authentic ‘booch should be. Plus, every bottle is thriving with live cultures and probiotics for gut health support. Find MOJO’s range of Activated Kombucha living in the fridge at your local supermarket, grocer or café.