Can the right name make your child a better person?

Naming your child after religious figures has always been popular - think Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - and now there's a new contender for the top spot: Muhummad.

It cracked the top 100 baby names for boys for the first time in NSW in 2010, but when the variety of differently spelled 'Muhummads' were added up, it officially became one of the top 25 picks by parents.

It can be spelled Muhummed, Muhummad, Mohamed, or Mohammed. So if your son has a boy in his class with this name, make sure you check before sending out the party invites!

In case you didn't know, Muhummad is the Islamic prophet. Muslim leader Keysar Trad - who has a son called Muhammad himself - told the Daily Telegraph Australian Muslims are becoming more confident in naming their children after the prophet and other Islamic figures. "I think what we are seeing is certainly more acceptance of Muslim names and it is seen as a healthy connection to the religion. You still see issues with people called Ahmed finding a job, but there is a sense that this is who we are, we are not going into hiding."

Muhammed recently became the most popular name for boys in London, ranking higher than other favourites such as Harry and Jack in the top 100 names from the Office for National Statistics.

According to Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, the name you give your baby initially reflects more on you than them. But as they get older, it gradually creates powerful preconceptions about them. "People do draw conclusions based on someone's name," she says. "It sends out such a strong signal before the person even walks into the room."

What was the inspiration behind your baby's name? Do you feel you've ever been pigeonholed because of your name?