The Modern Mumma's latest post perfectly captures what sex is like with young kids around.

If you’ve ever tried to have sex with young children around, chances are you’ll relate to Mel Watts’ dilemma.

The Modern Mumma, as she’s known on Facebook and Instagram, shared a post last night that went right to the heart of every woman with kids in the house (and a partner who’s apparently keen to get down and dirty all the time).

Not afraid to tackle the controversial issues, Mel revealed she had just had a “daytime quickie” with her husband while her older daughter was out of the house and her baby was asleep.

More importantly, though, she wrote honestly about how reluctant she was to waste precious relaxation time by doing the deed in the first place.

Of course, like everything on the Internet, the post split commenters right down the middle.

Some congratulated Mel for perfectly capturing their experience as a mother and wife, while others wondered about the wisdom of telling women to “just go with it” when they’re not in the mood.

Luckily, Mel’s prepared to hold her own, writing in response to one negative comment: “He has made me feel special for years and years. I highly doubt one quickie is going to degrade me.”

For our part, we can’t see how speaking frankly about the realities of parenting and relationships could ever be a bad thing – and we’re counting on Mel to keep dropping truth bombs.

What do you think of Mel’s post?

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