Monday morning coffee catch up: How was your weekend?

Bern Morley
Bern Morley
Bern and the kids.



I’m not exactly sure who I am anymore.

This weekend I not only watched the AFL Grand Final, I openly enjoyed it! I was to be seen jumping from my seat, on multiple occasions, screaming the word BALL at the screen. Rewind two years and I would have blinked hard at you and actively disengaged if you had started talking about either Buddy Franklin or the AFL because I just…didn’t….get…it.

In fact, rewind two years ago and so many things would have been foreign to me.  I was living with my family 2,000 kilometres away, struggling to find something to do every weekend even though we lived in the tourist capital of Australia. But you know, there only so many times you can drop a week’s wages to walk through the gates of a Theme Park before you start to resent it.

We needed a change and a change is what we got. We moved to Melbourne and I have to say I love it. We all do. But we are SO busy. It is fair to say, that if we all wanted to, we could attend something new, every single day of the week. Life is going so fast and it feels like this whole year has been a blur. A messy, beautiful blur.

This last weekend has been a typical example. Friday night included watching a friend perform his final show at the Melbourne  Fringe Festival. Dinner first, comedy and then drinks only to wake up to Grand Final Day. Dotted in between those were children’s birthday parties, the Royal Melbourne Show and shopping for GF BBQ food.


Then arrived Sunday.  Sunday has become our day of sanctuary. Our day to just relax. Perhaps taking a drive and taking in some sights we haven’t gotten around to. A pub lunch. Reading a book outside on the grass. Really just having absolutely no agenda.

I have to find a happy medium here, in this crazy city and world of children, working and just, you know, life. Because if I don’t stop and make time for ‘me’ then I’m not going to be able to deal with everything else.

I also have a small admission and please don’t hate me for this, but I actually quite like Monday. It’s my own little pocket of sanity. One where I get to drop the kids off to school, drive to work a little early and just sit in my car with my coffee and exhale. Who knew that sitting there, sipping a coffee in a car park could be such bliss?

So tell me, was your weekend manic or have you learned to use them to relax?

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