With one red carpet moment, one couple showed us why the AFL's 'yes' sign was so important.

The red carpet had barely even started, but straight away one couple knocked it out of the park, over the equator and into another dimension.

Round of applause, ladies and gentleman, for Moana Hope and partner Isabella Carlstrom.

The Collingwood AFLW player wore a sleek and chic tailored tuxedo with statement earrings, while partner Isabella bought the drama in a tulle-laden gown.

It was a killer style combo of suit, gown and model-esque pose. Nailed it.

But not only do Moana and Isabella look like they belong on the cover of a high fashion magazine, they’ve walked into the AFL’s night of nights hand in hand just days after it came under scrutiny for making a big statement about same sex marriage.

Simply stunning @moanahope and partner Isabella Carlstrom #brownlow2017

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The AFL’s Yes sign came under fierce debate last week, after it was changed ‘temporarily’ outside the AFL headquarters to make its stance on same sex marriage public.


TV hosts Erin Molan and Sam Newman spouted reasons as to why the statement was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘irrelevant‘ to the AFL.

And while Moana and her partner are simply attending an event together, without a single ‘Yes’ sign to be seen, as they would any important work event, it’s nonetheless a beautiful reminder about why a ‘Yes’ stance is actually very relevant to the AFL.

It wasn’t just Moana and Isabella stealing the show with their fashion-spread worthy garb – another AFLW player showed the rest how it’s done.

Adelaide Crows player Erin Phillips, who took home the inaugural AFLW best and fairest, also dominated the red carpet with her wife Tracy Gahan.

Here’s hoping this is just a glimpse into the future of a fantastically diverse and divine Brownlow red carpet, where every couple walking it can be married if they wish.

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