We're only a week in, but fans already have a big complaint about MKR.

The 2017 television season has officially begun, with crowd favourite My Kitchen Rules returning to screens just last week.

But a few episodes in, fans are already crying out in frustration over the show’s annual format. You know the one; there’s the single girls, the single guys, the mums, the loved-up couple, the “just friends” couple and the villains.

Dun dun dunnnnn.

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And it’s the last pair the folks at home are well and truly over.

“These villain characters ruin the show.. That team literally brings nothing- it isn’t entertaining, it isn’t funny and it certainly isn’t enjoyable to watch. Not sure if we will tune in tonight because honestly we can’t stand them,” one viewer wrote on the show’s Facebook page during the week, receiving hundreds of likes.

“Same formula, same annoying couple that will undoubtedly be the last to cook so everyone keeps watching to see them hopefully fail…it’s the same thing every season,” another commented.

Traditionally, the villains are friends or related in some way, and take issue with everyone and everything. They talk a big game for the entirety of the dinner parties, promise to deliver excellence and promptly fail as soon as their home-restaurant evening begins.

mkr tyson and amy
This year's villains - Amy and Tyson. Source: MKR.

This year, the villains are Brisbane-based siblings Tyson and Amy. Tyson is, to quote the show, an "angry, angry man."

But in 2017, viewers are done and looking for a new couple to engage with.

"Channel 7, this is why people get so annoyed at you." another viewer wrote on Facebook.

"This guy isn't here to actually cook (on a show about, y'know, cooking), he's either a paid actor or a production plant to be the designated villain. Because there's no way someone is this lacking in self-awareness. Clearly he's never watched the show before, because the staggeringly-overconfident team always falls flat on their face, which is the same storyline we have to sit through every year."

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Apparently, people are done with seeing a fired up pair on Australian TV thinking they know more than everyone else.




Can we just let it be about the food again? ... Please?