MKR's Sheri Eddington has announced her baby's gender.

She has posted pics of her baby belly and used her food know-how in the great Battle Against Stretch Marks. But now My Kitchen Rules’ Sheri Eddington has finally revealed she is going to have a baby girl.

The 22-year-old former cooking contestant took to Instagram on Saturday to announce the sex of her unborn child, taking a selfie with her ultrasound.

“Introducing my little GIRL?Now it’s naming time…I don’t trust my naming judgment #canicallitbuffy?#alien #girlpower #mkr #2015baby #melbourne #mumtobe #baby?,” the photo’s caption reads.

It's a girl! (Via Instagram)

Sheri, who competed on MKR with best friend Emilie Biggar, first revealed she was having a baby seven weeks ago where she also opened up about her struggle to conceive.

“After years of being told I was infertile a miracle has surprised us. To all the women who have been told they’re broken, maybe your ovaries aren’t defect..perhaps they are just hibernating until the right time,” the caption of the elegant black and white Instagram snap reads.

Sheri said she had previously been told she was infertile. (Via Instagram)

Sheri has since posted several Instagram updates on her pregnancy, with requests for her followers to guess the sex of her baby and pictures of her baby belly.

"There's an alien setting up camp in there," she wrote under one pic of her bared stomach.

"There's an alien setting up camp in there." (Via Instagram)

She had even shared a photo of a coffee scrub smeared over her belly to stop the stretch marks.

“In the fight against stretch marks with @raw_love_body??#pregnantlife #mumtobe #2015baby #organic #australia #raw #coffee,” she wrote.

Fighting stretch marks. (Via Instagram)

Sheri has also revealed the nitty gritty of her pregnancy experience in an extremely candid blog post titled, “Sheri makes…a baby”.

Am I missing something? Pregnancy sucks. Everyone really talked this freak show up. Yes it’s a miracle – I mean there’s a miniature person growing inside my gut like a science fiction movie. But I feel like it’s going to suddenly pierce through my pasty white flesh leaving internal organs and placenta juice everywhere. This isn’t fun. I keep waiting for my maternal instincts to emerge from within my soul. Where I’ll develop lots of new skills like stain removal and needle crafts. But presently I have no interest in participating in anything child related.

But the outspoken reality TV star finished by saying she couldn't wait.

Of course I know it’s all going to be soooo worth it. This is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I’m sure I will look back and laugh at 4am when I’m cleaning baby poo from under my un-manicured finger nails.

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