FLUFF: My Kitchen Rules contestants bite off more than they can chew.

Thalia and Bianca.




The tears were flowing more than the Pinot last night when Tasmanian BFFLs Thalia and Bianca presented their instant restaurant on My Kitchen Rules.

The pair began with an ambitious entree of fried silverbeet ravioli and salmon rillettes with olive oil crackers. The salmon was a slam dunk for most of the other contestants but judge Pete Evans felt a little ripped off with his ravioli – “as a dish, I’m struggling with it.”

That’s when the tears began.

A main of pinot-braised duck would have been an impressive feat… if they had prior experience cooking a pinot-braised duck. More than an hour behind schedule, Bianca admitted “it looks horrible – I don’t even want to serve it.”

Then she burst into tears.

Pinot Braised Duck is supposed to look like this.

The duck was a success with Evans, but it was the blue-eye trevalla main that diminished the girls’ position into last place on the leader board.

Clutching bowls of ice cream as we watched (you can’t watch a cooking show without eating along with them) we almost dropped our spoons when poor Bianca dropped their final dish on the floor – a rhubarb and hazelnut tartlet with cinnamon ice cream.

The rhubarb was said to be under cooked anyway, but still.

We continued to eat our own ice cream (with some guilt) as Bianca cried.

Tomorrow night will see South Australian mums Bree and Jessica dish up. Paul and Blair are ahead on the leaderboard with a total of 70 points, with Chloe and Kelly close behind on 59. WA’s Helena and Vikki are yet to cook.


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