Mispronounce a French word on MKR and Manu will correct you.

If there’s one things chefs and amateur cooks the world over have to wrap their head around, it’s pronunciation. From quinoa to acai, there are some ingredients that – let’s face it – are just plain hard to pronounce. But there are others that are relatively simple. Like steak. And mash. And jus. Or is it “juss”?

On tonight’s MKR, “Aussie Battlers” Nev and Kell – yes, the one’s with the complex love story behind them – had a little slip of the tongue when they introduced one of the ingredients of their main meal, “juss”.

manu mkr
“What did you just say”. Screenshot via Channel Seven.

“For the main, we’re going to have eye fillet with sweet potato mash and red wine sauce,” Nev told the table. “Or juss.”

Bless his cotton socks. Of course, ever the esteemed dinner guests, the other MKR contestants were not having a bar of Nev’s inability to pronounce the term (which means “in the juice”, just FYI). Luckily, hero judge Manu (no, not Paleo Pete) stepped in to save the day.

“My English has been corrected most of my life, so can I correct your French?” Manu asked the pair.

Of course the tradie responded in true Aussie fashion, with Manu’s correction simply cementing why he always uses the word sauce instead.

“Why is it spelt j-u-s then? You know like, hello? It doesn’t start with a ‘D’,” Nev responded later.

You do you, Nev.

Don’t know how to say ‘jus’ either? Here are some other words you might find it tricky to pronounce… (Post continues after video).

The pair’s performance last night was marked by sparks of both culinary brilliance and frustration. Their seafood entree received just a 2 and a 1 from Pete and Manu respectively, while their steak main scored modestly with 7s and their dessert –  cheesecake – got perfect 10s.

With a total score of 71, it looks like The Battlers will be hanging in there for a little while yet.

Who’s your favourite MKR couple?

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