We need to talk about MKR villian Jessica's complete back-flip tonight.

This has to be the most pressing issue of the week. Hell… OF THE ENTIRE YEAR.

Can the real Jessica Tichonczuk (A.K.A. MKR’s ‘villain’/health-nut/potentially reformed carb lover) please stand up? Because we’re confused. Very confused.

Originally, we were told about how much Jess hates carbs, fried-food and chocolate. She practically called everybody’s fave Frenchman Manu Feildel an unhealthy pig straight to his goddamn beautiful face. (We wrote about that too, you can read the full article here). 

WATCH a snippet of tonight’s episode below. Post continues after video…

On last night’s episode, Jess pushed away Tasia and Gracia’s main dish of Ribs and Chips because it was ‘too unhealthy’ for her sky-high standards and opted to leave feeling famished instead.

THEN, in an unprecedented turn of events overnight, a photo caused the Twittersphere to practically go into lockdown of Jess straddling a gigantic jar of Nutella. Delicious, hazelnutty, smooth, yet still undeniably chocolatey Nutella.

And on tonight’s episode?


Wait. Excuse me, what? WHAT?!

Who is this Nutella loving woman who is suddenly excited to eat JP & Nelly’s carb-loaded meals? Where did this smiley young lady come from? What did she do with the old Jess who wouldn’t be caught dead championing anything other than organic kale leaves and Himalayan Sea Salt?


WATCH Nigella Lawson discuss restrictive eating below. Post continues after video…

Look, I’m not complaining. I too, love Nutella. If there was a giant sized jar near me right now my instinct would also be to straddle it. I too get inexplicably excited when my meal is on its way. The new Jess is practically my spirit animal.

Love TV? Need to hear more behind-the-scenes secret? Listen to The Binge with Rosie Waterland, here:

Some of the MKR contestants aren’t so sure, one even insisting she’s a “witch who’s handing out the poison apples”. Ouch.

MKR fans who were equally confused took to Twitter to vent their frustration:

Perhaps Jess has just been really hangry and/or suffering from low blood sugar up until now?

Perhaps she bumped her head in the organic foods section and has forgotten that carbs/sugar/fried-food ARE DELICIOUS BUT ALL VERY MUCH EVIL.

Perhaps this is all part of a cunning ploy to win over the MKR teams to eventually claim victory.

Perhaps Jess is like me, and lacking gusto when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet.

Perhaps I’m reading into this far too much and need to get a hobby. Like professional Nutella eating, or something.

What do you think about the MKR health-nut’s crazy backflip tonight?

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