MKR's Lauren and Carmine say they put off baby to come on the show

My Kitchen Rules couple Lauren and Carmine have revealed they put off starting a family in order to appear on the show.

Lauren Finelli said the decision reflected their dedication to the show and to pursuing a different life path.

“We went in this competition to change our lives and we are really competitive.” she told AAP.

“We put off having children to be on this show, we wanted career changes, so we were going to fight for it. We weren’t going to give up.”

Finelli has previously revealed she hopes to use her profile as a MKR contestant to build a future career in media and cooking.

These aspirations come alongside news that Finelli was puzzled by her recent depictions in the promotional shorts for Monday night’s ‘sudden death’ cook off.

MKR contestant Lauren Finelli. Source: Screenshot/Channel 7.

The advertisements depicted Finelli as a hot-head who "rattled cages" and "hammered other teams".

“I felt really puzzled. I didn’t know who I am attacking. I didn’t know what they were talking about,” Finelli said.

“I can’t sit here and focus on how they portrayed me. They may have picked out all the bad bits, but I thank Channel Seven for giving me so much airtime.”

Another promotional clip for Monday night's battle focused on Finelli's competitive spirit, overlaying her visual shots with comments from competitors referring to her as 'feisty' and having the 'eye of the tiger.'

Watch and see if you agree with how Lauren has been portrayed.

Video via Network Seven

The Finellis made it to the final six after a particularly strong performance on Monday night.

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