MKR's couple rush to hospital after a "rambunctious" evening between the sheets.

A cougar rushing her cub to the emergency room isn’t exactly the end to a sex-fuelled evening that most of us hope for, but then again, former My Kitchen Rules contestants Cheryl Harris and Matt Newman aren’t your average couple.

According to 50-year-old Cheryl, the pair were forced to cut their “cooking” time short after Matt complained of heart pains during a particularly vigorous romp before bedtime.

"Shall we have mild, medium, or full spice tonight, babe? Source: Channel 7.

"We were just fooling around in bed and all of a sudden Matt sat up and said: "my chest is killing me", she told the Daily Mail.

"He felt like I'd stabbed him in the heart."

Just as an observation, if she did want to do that those knives gifted during the MKR home visits would make light work of it...

"I thought he was joking," Cheryl continued, initially putting his complaints down to "getting just a little bit too rambunctious...but he was just grabbing his chest," the lava-lamp lover continued.


That was the pain came from remembering your instant restaurant, Cheryl. Source: Channel 7.

After realising his pains were not attributed to the memory of their instant restaurant, Cheryl decided to play it safe, taking her toy-boy to her local doctor and eventually the hospital, where it was discovered the 26-year-old had contracted a virus attacking the lining of his heart.

Known as pericarditis, the virus inflames the two pericardium layers that surround the heart, causing friction and rubbing with every breath.

Sheesh, that sounds more painful than a below average score from Colin Fassnidge!

Before they were famous. Post continues after video... 

Thankfully, the aspiring home cook is now back at home, resting up and being treated with medication.

But his bed rest may last a little longer than he'd hoped, with Cheryl admitting she's hesitant to try anything again too soon should it cause her young love any more harm.

"I don't know if I'm being selfish but maybe we just have to test it out and see what happens."

Sex is your kitchen Cheryl, try what you will.