The unusual theme of a My Kitchen Rules pop up restaurant has all of Australia divided.

In the quest to stand out among a flooded reality TV market, a pop-up restaurant on My Kitchen Rules last night doubled as a birthing suite and suddenly we had our very own Australian Grey’s Anatomy with a particularly tasty cafeteria.

Melbourne midwives Karen and Ros decided their pop-up restaurant, aptly called Procreations, was the perfect place to double as a birthing suite, complete with prams, photos of pregnant bellies, birthing pools and humidity cribs.

I’m not sure about you guys, but the first thing I want to be thinking about when I swallow some gnocchi (affectionately pronounced “knocky” by last night’s chefs) is the blood and pain associated with the delivery of babies.

Image via Channel 7.

"As midwives, we help people who are reproducing and we want to reproduce beautiful food in our kitchen and instant restaurant," they said before their episode.

"It's a celebration of life in the birthing suite and we want them to be celebrating a beautiful meal."


Not everyone was on board, however, with fellow contestant Amy -- who has previously revealed on the show that she dislikes children, babies and old people - saying the entire restaurant was her "worst nightmare".

Image via Channel 7.

"I've definitely never wanted to have dinner in a birthing suite...It's a strange thing for a restaurant, I wouldn't chose to dine there," she said.

And she wasn't the only one who was a tad confused, with social media users voicing their own uncertainty about how well food and childbirth came together.

Despite confusion for their birthing suite pop-up restaurant, it seems the midwives' likeable and bubbly personalities were enough to detract from their bizarre set-up.