Congratulations, Missy Higgins.


Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins, best-known for that song you can never get out of your head, has just had a baby.

The Scar singer welcomed a baby boy on January 5th. And she’s sharing.

Missy  announced the birth on social media (of course) and gave us a picture, the sex AND the name in one go. Take that, Blake and Ryan.

Missy Higgins and her bump, before birth. Image via Instagram. 


She wrote, “Our little boy Samuel Arrow Lee arrived yesterday. Not sure how we managed it but he seems perfect. And we’re besotted! Let the adventures begin…

Missy announced she was expecting in August. Her fiance, Dan Lee, is a playwright musician. They met in Broome and announced their engagement in December of 2013.

The first-time mum said she was very excited about the pregnancy.

Dan and Missy. Image via Facebook. 

“I don’t think we’ve quite got our heads around how much our lives are about to change, but we’re so excited about it,” she said.

“Both being ‘creatives’, we’re mostly looking forward to getting out of our own heads and obsessing about something other than ourselves for once!

“And, of course, teaching him piano and guitar, I can’t wait for that.”

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