A 25-year-old woman got lost in the wilderness for a month. This is how she survived.

A woman in the US has survived one month living in the wild, after she got lost in the woods running away from two men who were allegedly robbing a campsite.

Louisville student Lisa Theris was with two men who allegedly burgled a hunting camp in Midway, Alabama, on July 17-18. Detectives said she was unaware they were planning the heist and ran into the woods to escape it, Mirror reports.

The 25-year-old was lost in thousands of acres of dense forest. She didn’t have her phone, her wallet, and was forced to survive without shelter for almost a month.

She emerged from the woods, still in the same area called Bullock County, on Saturday afternoon, telling authorities she’d survived by drinking water from a brook and eating wild berries and mushrooms.

Investigators have called her survival a ‘miracle’, Mirror reports.

Lisa Theris. Image: Facebook.


It's reported Lisa was taken to emergency, before being reunited with her family.

"She is severely weakened, she is in pain, she is emaciated," Lias's sister Elizabeth Theris told MS News Now.

"We are lucky that she is alive, she is so strong and has made it through so much."