Dad of missing three-year old pleads to abductor "don't hurt my little girl."

Chloe Campbell has been missing for over 24 hours

A footprint on the roof of a car is being closely examined as potential evidence in the case of a missing three-year-old girl.

QLD preschooler Chloe Campbell was discovered missing by her mother, Tammy, at 7am yesterday.

Despite a search that went on throughout the night with the aid of a police helicopter capable of infrared searching there has been no trace of Chloe found.

Her disappearance is making worldwide headlines for its similarities to that of missing Madeleine McCann.

The family, from the town of Childers, south of Bundaberg, was obviously distraught yesterday. Her mother alerted the police yesterday at 7am. It has been reported that her parents last saw her at 1am – when they went to bed after watching TV.

Her anguished father, Garth Campbell, made a plea to Nine News saying that his daughter was his best friend, the closest thing to the “son he always wanted” and he just wanted her back.

Chloe had been asleep in the lounge room with her two older sisters, with a window open.

The police discovered a footprint on the roof of a car, which was parked below the window, and neighbours reported seeing a man near the family’s home on Wednesday night.

Chloe’s dad has broken down pleading, “Don’t hurt my little girl”

Chloe’s two older sisters Janae, eight, and Britney, five, heard nothing. Janae who woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom said she noticed then that Chloe was not on the lounge, but she thought the girl had gone into their parent’s room to sleep.

Chloe was dressed in a white shirt with butterflies and bees on it and yellow pants.


Her sleeping bag, decorated in a wizards and dragons pattern and a stuffed dog named Gnarly was also missing.

“I don’t think there’s any possible way she’s wandered off,” her father told AAP. “She wouldn’t leave the yard by herself.”

He said he believed that she had been taken by someone who knew the family.

He told News Limited, “I think it’s got to be someone who knows me, in how they got in, where she sleeps. They knew she was sleeping in front of the TV.”

There was a footprint found on the roof of the car outside the window of the lounge room

“I hope someone that’s taken her is looking after her. Giving her breaky, lunch, I don’t know, I don’t know what to think.”

Around 40 SES volunteers, police and members of the community searched the areas near Chloe’s family home.

Across the world in the UK, the case is being compared to that of Madeleine McCann who also went missing when she was three years old.

Chloe’s father told Nine News he could not help but think of Daniel Morcombe. He speculated that perhaps the abductor was desperate. “Maybe someone took her who can’t have kids or something like that.”

“Just don’t hurt her, she’s just tiny.”

The search has now resumed for Chloe.

This morning an updated picture of the three-year-old has been released.

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Missing: Chloe Campbell

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.