These are the faces Australian families are so desperately searching for today.

The devastating earthquake in Nepal has killed more than 2,500 people, and left 350 Australians missing. As a desperate rescue mission takes place, the families of these Australians and hundreds of others wait anxiously.

In the wake of the horrific earthquake in Nepal last night it has been reported that one Australian is dead at Mount Everest’s base camp in an earthquake-triggered avalanche. When the earthquake hit on Saturday there were at least 1,000 climbers at the three camps and attempting to climb Mt Everest.

Fairfax Media reports that Temba Tsheri, Sherpa of the Dreamers’ Destination Treks and Expeditions said, “I have lost four team members in the avalanche – two Nepalis, one Chinese and Australian.”

There are also grave fears for the scores of missing Australians unaccounted for in the Nepal earthquake.

Reports one Australian is dead. ( Getty Images)

Today, the number of Australians missing stands at more than 350.

Young women volunteering, sons trekking, daughters and sisters taking time out from the corporate world to take in the historic country, and to learn from the lives of the Nepalese. They were tourists seeking adventure, young people wanting to help, and others seeking solace and meaning in the hills of the extraordinary landscape of the Himalayas.

Their desperate families anxiously searching social media, monitoring the Red Cross web sites and many, like actor Hugh Sheridan, making the journey to Nepal to find their loved ones themselves.

Sheridan’s younger brother, Zach last contacted his family on April 22 near Mount Everest. Hugh Sheridan has today flown to the area determined to find his little brother.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged family members of missing Australians in Nepal that they should not “assume the worst”.

“Yes, there are Australians who are unaccounted for, and people whose family members, friends or loved ones are known to be in Nepal and northern India should at first do their best to make contact with them,” he said.

“A lot of people who are out trekking are not easy to contact. But if they can’t make contact then obviously it’s important to be in contact with the Department of Foreign Affairs [consular line].”

Among the 350 unaccounted for are:

 Isabel Baudish

Isabel Baudish

The 25-year-old student from Chatswood, Sydney was trekking the Annapurna Circuit with a friend, after doing some volunteer work in India.


Isabel is an engineering student at UNSW who has previously travelled in the area.

Her father Peter told News Limited he was concerned about his daughter but understood that phone and email contact would be difficult.

“Communications are just so bad,” he said. “We do hope to hear from her soon but it looks like we may be waiting a few days.”

 Zachary Sheridan

Zachary Sheridan with Hugh Sheridan ( Facebook)

Zachary Sheridan is the 20-year-old brother of actor Hugh Sheridan.

“Please. Anyone who is awake, please pray for my little brother Zachary who is on Mt Everest,” Mr Sheridan tweeted early Sunday morning.

Zach last contacted his family on April 22 near Mount Everest.

 Toni Louise Perry

Ms Perry, 37 , was on a four-month trip after taking leave from her job in the corporate division of David Jones.

Toni Louise Perry (Facebook)

Fairfax Media spoke to a close friend of Ms Perry who said that she left for Everest base camp on Friday and was likely in the lower hills when the earthquake hit.

The Comber Family

A young family of four from Daylesford, Victoria are missing in the remote Tsum Valley, near the Nepal-Tibet border.

The Ballarat Courier reports Francis and Jen Comber are travelling with their two young daughters Rani, 7, and Neve, 8.

Their desperate family have taken to social media concerned about their welfare.

Mr Comber’s mother Dianne Comber told The Ballarat Courier they had not had any news.

“They were trekking in the Tsum Valley, in the earthquake area,” she said.

“No one’s heard anything from them yet.”

Su Browning

Melbourne mother Su Browning who was trekking in Nepal is unaccounted her. Her anxious daughter has circulated her photo on Facebook.

 Nadwa Natalie Alasfar

Nadwa Natalie Alasfar is a 26-year-old yoga teacher from Queensland. Her name has been listed among the missing.

Nadwa Natalie Alasfar

 Athena Zelandonii

Athena Zelandonii

Athena Zelandonii is a 25-year-old Brisbane photojournalist who left Australia for an open-ended trip through South East Asia in mid-February. She was about five days into a trek with a friend, Ngaire Seccombe. Both are missing.

Ngaire Seccombe

If you are concerned for a relative or friend in Nepal, call the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 24-hour consular emergency line on 1300 555 135 within Australia or +61 2 6261 3305 from outside.

If you would like to donate to the rebuilding efforts, a fund has been started at Global Giving. You can find the relief fund here.

You can also donate to CARE Emergency to supply medical resources here or to Mercy Corps, who will be helping the survivors, here.


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