You HAVE to see this year's Miss World Australia's national costume.


Photo: Elizabeth Grinter







Take a look at the national costume that will be worn by Miss World Australia, Courtney Thorpe, on December 14 in London.

Any first thoughts?

Our reactions went something like this:


“What the…”



“It’s no wonder we never win.”

The costume was based on the female workers in the Women’s Land Army during World War II, and as every other year has proved, not everyone is in love with final result. The style features an on-trend sheer blouse with an embellished collar, the ubiquitous Akubra hat, golden satin breeches and tall leather boots.

1940’s Women’s Land Army uniform

Miss World Australia national director Nadasha Zhang told Sydney Confidential: “Creating the Australian national costume is a tedious task, as the opinion of the general public needs to be taken into account when creating the piece.”

This isn’t the first iteration of the costume either; the organisation postponed revealing the national costume back in September because the then ANZAC-themed costume was historically inaccurate. Designer Julie Sufi, of Belluccio, was told the accessories (medals and hat) were from the wrong era.

The Retired Services League weren’t too pleased that medals were being worn for decoration either.

If anything, this year’s national costume serves as a reminder that green and gold is one hard colour combination to get right. But what we want to know is has anyone called Toni Maticevski or Colette Dinnigan?

Since we’ll have to wait with baited breath to see how the costume goes down on the international stage, here’s a look through all of the Miss Universe Australia (a totally different kettle of beauty queens than Miss World) costumes. We especially love Jesinta Campbell’s 2012 outfit, take a look.

What do you think of this year’s national costume?