The Miss Universe national costume competition is here. And the results are...remarkable.

Direct from Miami Florida to you, here are the best outfits of the 2015 Miss Universe costume competition.

The national costume segment is arguably the highlight of the annual Miss Universe Pageant and an unmissable yearly opportunity to play everyone’s favourite game: “Guess-the-nationality-based-on-an-hilariously-out-dated-cultural-stereotype-you-may-not-have-even-been-aware-of.”


It’s a little known fact, but Australia actually has a national costume. And here is Miss Australia proudly donning our national garb at the 63rd Annual Miss Universe Preliminary Show in Florida this week.

Happy ‘straya day, mates.

Enter Miss Canada, Chanel Beckenlehner, queen of the ice rink and now our hearts.

Canada: 1. The rest of the world: Jealous.

And who’s that over there? No it’s not Miss Agrabah (nb: not a real location, despite what Aladdin would have you believe) – it’s Miss British Virgin Islands, Jaynene Jno Lewis, ready to grant all of your wishes. Well, 33 of them if my calculations are correct.


While we’re on the Disney theme… no, Miss Germany did not just fall out of the film Up. She’s wrapped herself in Berlin’s East Side Gallery. And added some balloons. No lederhosen in sight.

Ok this one is easy. It’s clearly Miss Great Britain Grace Levy straight from the gates of Buckingham Palace. Wait, I thought palace guards never smiled (or forgot their trousers)?

And here’s Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Castillo doing her best virgin Mary.

Miss France aka Camille Cerf. The beret was a dead give away even without the red, white and blue.

OK this last one is a little more challenging. Here is Miss Peru Jimena Espinosa doing her best Victoria’s Secret impersonation. We know birds were big at the runway show next year, but did any of those models rock the vulture look? I think not.

Got a few more guesses in you? Check out the rest of the entrants in our gallery. I guarantee you, there’s a few rounds left in the game…