So these are the finalists for our national costume...

Australia’s national costume.

“We have a national costume?”, you ask.

Sort of.

It’s not like Lederhosen are to Germany. It’s not like those furry hats are to Russia.

It’s not thongs, stubbies, Bintang singlets, or anything else you see on Australia Day.

It’s the costume representing Australia in the Miss Universe pageant.

Sunrise has run a competition.The Miss Universe Australia 2014 Australian Costume Competition presented by Elucent Skin Care, to be precise. The four finalists were revealed this morning, so that we can all vote on the dress that we want ONE BILLION people around the globe to see at the International Miss Universe Final.

The dresses were influenced by Aussie things, like corrugated iron, Steve Irwin and monarchy. Got that?

Because FASHION.

First up, a dress designed by Christopher Ditas, and inspired by corrugated iron and national flowers.


Then we’ve got a dress (well, sort of) by Lorelee Prentice, inspired by the Sydney Opera House and the monarchy. Sash, see?



Caitlin Holstock took colours from the aboriginal sunset, and also asked permission from the Wurundgeri tribe (good girl).



And Frida Deguise designed a dress for inspired by Steve Irwin. No, really.



They aren’t exactly dresses we’d wear down the street, but they don’t have to be.

They just have to be the best dress in the Universe.

In other national costume news:

Just last week, Miss World (which is a totally different kettle of beauty queens than Miss Universe. More global, less galaxy, obviously) Australian queen Courtney Thorpe had to postpone the reveal of the Miss World national costume because the ANZAC-themed dress HAD HISTORICAL ERRORS. The khaki suit is based on the ANZAC women’s World War One uniform, and some of the medals were from the wrong era.

Um, what?

“The medals were naval from World War 2 and we had an Akubra rather than a slouch hat.” Courtney told the Herald Sun.

Whether it’s inappropriate for a dress to be based on our historical heroes, we cannot judge. But only because the judging jobs are already taken.

Ahhhhh, beauty pageants. We love you. World peace and swimsuits for the win.


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