We've designed the next Miss Universe Australia national costume.

It’s FINALLY our chance.

We’ve been giggling at the Miss Universe national costumes for years.

They seem to get more and more outrageous with each competitions’ declaration of desire for world peace. Have a look at some of the most recent designs from past Miss Universe finals:


They are an engineering feat of fashion, that you prooooobably wouldn’t wear down the street.

And now, you can design one for our new Miss Universe Australia, Monika Radulovic.

Miss Universe Australia 205, Monika Radulovic. Source: Instagram

Sunrise and Elucent Skincare have combined their powers to run the design competition, open to all Australians. The criteria is pretty loose: “Your creation will be worn in front of 1 billion people worldwide and should be a strong representation of what it means to be Australian!”

The application form includes the measurements for Monika (175 cm tall, with a 26 inch waist, FYI) and specifics on the suitcase it will travel in (“Any large attachments/ accessories and materials will need to be constructed and designed in a way that can be dismantled to fit the suitcase size outlined in clause 2.3”).

So what do we incorporate in our design? Past winning designs have drawn inspiration from corrugated iron, Steve Irwin, and the monarchy. Anything goes, pretty much.

We did our best. Hopefully, the winning costume will be from a designer with more talent than us.