These photos of miserable men shopping must be seen and laughed at by women everywhere.


As we come out of Christmas present shopping season and head into Boxing Day sales shopping season, it’s needless to say that there is a fair bit of shopping to be done at this time of year.

But, as you race between sales racks, high on 50% off signs and two-for-one pairs of winter boots, spare a thoughts for the losers in this situation.

The blokes.*

The following pictures are from the ‘Miserable Men’ account on Instagram. They are pictures of men who have been broken by hours upon hours of shopping with their wives and girlfriends.

Let them serve as a reminder to treat your menfolk kindly this sales season.

* Obviously there is an element of gender stereotyping in this statement. Some guys really like shopping, some girls really hate it. But in the interest of us all gaining the greatest level of utility from these hilarious pictures, let’s put away our first year Gender Studies criticisms for a minute and focus on what’s really important here: funny candids of blokes sleeping on fitting room floors.

What do you think of the Miserable Men Instagram account? Have you spotted a miserable man at the shops this holiday season? Have you, dare we suggest, created one yourself?