11 sex education teachers share the craziest misconceptions kids have about sex.


The sex talk. It’s pretty much the most uncomfortable conversation there is, no matter your age.

It could’ve been your parents telling you “when a mummy and daddy love each other very much…” or a school teacher using the anatomically correct names for areas you were pretty happy thinking of as private parts, thank you very much.

No matter how it happened, it often brought fear and dread to young people’s previously innocent lives.

Enter a brilliant thread on reddit, called “sex-ed teachers, what is the craziest misconception you have cleared up?“. There are many crazy misconceptions that both kids and adults alike have, and many of them will blow your PC mind.

And we’ve conveniently pulled out our 10 favourite for you to read:

1. Men can only have 2 kids because they only have 2 balls

“When I was in 4th grade I thought men could only have two kids because they only had two testicles. It made sense, because every man I knew had two kids… except my buddy Greg had two siblings. Once I reached my “revelation” I reasoned that Greg’s mom must have cheated on his dad in order to have a 3rd kid.”

2. Yellow skittles are the same as birth control

“My sister is a Sex Ed teacher. Apparently a belief that more than a few students have is that yellow skittles can act as birth control.”

3. Your parents can be virgins

“In eighth grade one of my classmates was fully convinced both his parents were virgins. We tried to explain how that was impossible, but he wouldn’t believe us.”


4. Maxi-pads. Is that the same as a tampon?

“Honestly, I’m 20 and I don’t really know what maxi-pads are… I’m pretty sure they serve basically the same function as tampons? Maybe?”

5. You take the pill through your vagina, because that’s where the baby comes from

“My sex ed teacher in high school told us stories about a female student she had a long time ago. The student got pregnant and was freaking out to our teacher not knowing what happened because she had apparently been taking birth control. My teacher was asking her typical questions about her situation, how long she was taking them, etc. then later the girl mentions she had been taking her birth control pills vaginally. She figured that since the baby comes from there, that’s where you take the pill.”

6. Urine comes out of the vagina

“I’m gonna throw this out there, they need to teach girls that urine doesn’t come from the same hole that the penis goes in. I have dated 3 girls who were 20+ at the time who never knew this. They actually went into the bathroom to see if I was lying to them.”

7. You can’t get pregnant if you orgasm

“English teacher here. (Ok, not sex ed, but you’d be surprised about the blurted statements during the Romeo and Juliet unit.)

So I had one girl who honestly believed that she couldn’t get pregnant if she didn’t have an orgasm.

Had one boy who thought humans basically stopped growing pubic hair in the 1980’s.


Believed you could get AIDS by being gay. Not having unprotected intercourse, but just homosexual.”

“When I was in middle school, green colored candy “made you horny”

8. Green coloured lollies get you in the mood

“When I was in middle school, green colored candy “made you horny” Oh how things change.”

9. Babies come out the same way as poo

“I’m a Developmental Support Worker at a treatment home for dual diagnosed teenage boys. As my coworkers and I basically raise these kids we regularly field sex questions. When I was pregnant these were my two favorites:

“So when the baby’s big enough you’ll just poop it out right?”

“Is it a puppy?””

10. Men can’t get STDs.

“That men can’t get STDs.

That you can’t get pregnant if you drink a lot of Mountain Dew.

That if you take ALL THE BIRTH CONTROLS (pills, depo, implanon, etc.) at once (not that any doctor would give them to you) you’re uber protected from pregnancy.

Oh, and a REALLY common one — that two condoms are better than one.”

11. One testicle creates girls and one creates boys

“Not a sex ed teacher, but during “the talk” at our school one guy asked if one testicle produced girl babies and the other produced boy babies. Looking back, it wasn’t such a dumb question from the mind of a ten year old but oh how we laughed!”