For anyone who has just had a miscarriage: this is your digital care package.

Mamamia’s co-founder, Mia Freedman, once stood in a book store searching for something that would help her grief.

It was 1999.

She had just suffered the miscarriage of her second pregnancy, and there was nothing in that book store which could help her. Nothing about miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

In 2007, many years later, Mia started Mamamia, partly to fill the void for women who had lost their babies. To share their stories, cry together and importantly, heal as one.

To this day, Mamamia continues to speak openly and honestly about the grief of pregnancy loss. Podcasts, articles, videos and a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Instead of stumbling around the internet looking for solace, we have created this go-to link, where you can feel part of something, like you belong, and maybe even feel, “I have got this”.

We will continue to update this as we speak to more women about their pregnancy loss stories.

Rebecca Sparrow and Mia Freedman

These two women are the souls of Mamamia. In fact, their own friendship began after Rebecca’s second daughter, Georgie, was born stillborn.

They have saved each other’s lives, traversing the difficult road of pregnancy loss together.

Monique Bowley

This is one of the rawest, most heart-breaking episodes we have recorded at Mamamia. Our friend and colleague, Monique Bowley, has suffered the miscarriage of her first pregnancy, just two weeks earlier.

This was her first day back at work and she didn’t mask her grief. There was no facade. But, this is the voice and story of a woman who is deeply hurting and still just coping, day by day.

Libby Trickett

The Olympic swimmer shares why she is grateful for her miscarriage.

Georgie Gardener

The Channel 9 Presenter, Georgie Gardener, wasn’t done having children after giving birth to her son. But, after, she suffered two miscarriages.


Georgie speaks about her internalised shame about wanting more children, even though she has two healthy children, but feeling desperate for more.

Megan Malkiewicz

Megan Malkiewicz speaks about her IVF miscarriages then falling pregnant naturally, and donating her embryos.

Paul Murray

Paul’s first child, Leo, died after a premature birth in 2012. They had the nursery and clothes all sitting at home for their new baby.

He talks to Mia about what it was like to lose Leo, and also welcome another baby into the world.

Mary Coustas

She is one of Australia’s funniest women. But behind the screen, it was her unfaultering desire to become a mother that has provided her life’s biggest challenges.

Through 23 IVF attempts, Mary suffered unimaginable losses and shares with Mia what got her through that experience, and what she wishes she’d known back at the very beginning.

Sally Obermeder

Sally Obermeder fell pregnant in 2011, with the help of IVF, and nine months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After getting the all clear, Sally knew she wanted another child but she couldn’t have one. Sally had just four embryos and she turned to surrogacy.

If you want to read more or watch more, we have a hub – just for you – with all our content related to pregnancy loss, called Never Forgotten

You can download Never Forgotten: Stories of love, loss and healing after miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death for free here.

Join Mia, Rebecca and others who have lost a child in our private Facebook group.