Everybody is talking about the jumper Mirka Federer wore last night.

While the nation was gripped by the five-set Australian Open tennis match between Swiss compatriots Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka on Thursday night, something else entirely caught viewer attention.

The jumper donned by one Mirka Federer, former tennis pro, mum-of-four, and Roger’s wife.

Bright pink with green sparkly trim and a roaring tiger emblazoned on the front, the flamboyant piece of attire featured the phrase L’ Aveugle Par Amour – French for ‘Blinded by Love’.

The sweater, from Gucci, reportedly costs a cool $1975, and sent our sunburnt land into a great tizzy.

“That jumper is HORRIBLE,” my mother exclaimed with gusto over a cup of tea.

“It’s the coolest thing ever,” fellow Mamamia writer Zara argued.

“I dunno…” I replied, unable to make my non-fashion-savvy mind up. “It’s pretty… um… out there?”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter looked much the same.

It might not be your cup of tea, but Mirka’s jumper is actually a HIGHLY sought-after pullover. While variations of the design are available for dizzying prices online, Mirka’s style is not – meaning it’s either A) yet to hit stores, or B) completely sold out already.

Regardless, it’s ~fashun~, and something the ~fashun people~ are going mad for.

If you’re pinching yourself for missing the opportunity to hang this piece of art in your wardrobe, fear not! The striped wool knit top is still available, and it’ll only set you back $1355.

Mmmmm tigery goodness. (Image: Gucci Australia)

Thank goodness for that.

A lesson to take from this story? May we all learn something from Mirka's boldness and confidence to wear whatever the hell she feels like.


What's your take on the jumper that divided the nation?

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