Miranda Tapsell: “I was told there was little chance I'd be employed. It's time to make changes."


The biggest take away from last year’s Logie Awards had nothing to do with dressers or red carpet woes, and everything to do with Miranda Tapsell’s history making speech.

A speech that is still sending ripples through Australia, one year on.

Miranda Tapsell, an Indigenous actress of both stage and screen, is best known for her role in the hit Australian movie The Sapphires and her award winning performance as Martha in the Channel 9 drama series, Love Child.

Although she’s enjoying tremendous success now, the actress has been quick to point out that her road to Love Child was not exactly smooth.

Listen to Miranda Tapsell spill her secrets to Laura Brodnik on The Binge. 

“I started in theatre and I graduated from drama school quite young,” she said.

“I felt quite out of place at drama school because all the other people had had their heartbroken, they had traveled the world, they had done uni degrees and worked other jobs. I found it so hard because I had not lived an adult life.

“I was told by my acting teachers that there was very little chance I would be employed for anything. They prepared you for the fact that you could be waiting a long time for a job

“The reason why I felt compelled to say what I said at the Logies was because I felt that this space could still be shared by other people. I’ve been given these wonderful opportunities but I’m not haring this space with other people of colour.

“I wanted more people of colour to share the space with me, that’s what makes up our world.”

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