Miranda Kerr's management have condemned supermarkets for dumping her nude cover.


Miranda Kerr’s management have spoken out about Coles’ decision to remove this month’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar from shelves, blaming Kerr’s “too raunchy” nude cover.

A representative for Kerr has criticised the supermarket group for pulling the magazine, standing up for the celebration of women’s bodies and labelling the controversial decision as a publicity stunt.

“There have been numerous examples of similar covers sold without restriction that celebrate and support women and this is no different. They seem to have used it to get publicity during the busiest trading time of the year,” Kerr’s manager Annie Kelly told Fairfax.

Earlier in the week, Coles defended their actions with this statement:

“Harper’s Bazaar is a fashion magazine, therefore, we weren’t aware that the current edition would contain nudity.

“Once we were aware, we assessed the appropriateness of this particular edition given that we are a family business. We felt the best thing to do would be to remove it from stores, therefore we issued a withdrawal.”

WATCH: Behind the scenes of Miranda’s photo shoot, filmed by Aussie director Gracie Otto. Post continues after video…


The magazine’s editor, Kellie Hush, was disappointed with the decision.

“I have had so much positive feedback from around the globe, it is a shame Coles does not also recognise the artistic integrity of this image,” she told Fairfax.

“As Gloria Steinem says: ‘The human body is not obscene’.” Hush added.

“The cover is a beautiful artistic image taken by one of Australia’s best photographers Steven Chee and I stand by that,” said Hush.

Hush bragged earlier in the month that the shot would become “iconic” in Australian fashion photography history. It’s certainly ruffled some feathers.

What do you think about Miranda Kerr’s nude cover? Tasteful or too much?