FLUFF: Miranda Kerr just came out as bisexual.






So, Miranda Kerr has just come out as bisexual. We think.

Miranda, 30, heavily hinted that she might like to live out some sexy bisexual fantasies during an interview with British lad-mag GQ.

‘I appreciate both men and women,’ the supermodel said. ‘I want to explore. Never say never.’

And after that saucy revelation, Miranda shared a cutesie photo of her on set with a girlfriend called ‘Sophfei’. Sophfei called Miranda ‘The sweetest Aries there ever was.’

And of course the internet has taken the liberty of assuming this woman is the one Miranda is ‘experimenting’ with. Because why not.


Miranda’s been in South Korea to shoot the latest campaign for Reebok. A campaign that requires Miranda to be nude except for her sneakers, because that’s how normal women get around.

It’s been just six months since Miranda split from her handsome elfin husband, Orlando Bloom. The pair have a little boy, called Flynn, together.
They’ve had such an amicable split, they frequently express their love for one another in public and in the media.




Browse some of our favourite Miranda moments below:


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