My miracle twins were born 8 days apart

A Canadian mum has defied doctors dire predictions and given birth to healthy miracle twins … eight days apart.

Edonna Bean’s pregnancy “spiraled downhill” in her second trimester, when the amniotic sac of one of the fraternal twins ruptured at 18 weeks. Doctors told her she would probably miscarry.

“The emergency department — they were like, ‘Let’s focus on twin B, because twin A’s not going to survive,’” she told Global News.

But Edonna refused to give up on her baby.

“I was saying to myself, you know, ‘How can they say that when he’s still breathing, his heart’s still going?’” she said. “And I said to [my unborn child], ‘You know as long as you’re fighting, so am I.’”

Remarkably, “twin B” Esai kept “twin A” Emyr alive. “Twin B…actually kept my uterus up enough to allow Emyr to still live as long as he did. He lasted 8 weeks without amniotic fluid,” Edonna told Global News.

On November 25, Emyr was born, weighing just 0.85kg. But then Edonna’s contractions slowed and Esai stayed put.

“Each day that I woke up he was relaxing and playing and having a good old time with the extra space. It was wonderful,” she said.

Finally, on December 3, Esai was born by emergency C-section, weighing 1.1kg at birth.

Both babies are doing well in neonatal intensive care despite the earlier complications and being born three months premature.

“I’m honestly speechless when I look at these two children to know just weeks ago their future looked so grim and now they’re here and thriving,” Edonna told the Royal Gazette.

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