There's a new take on the half bun trend - and it's inspired by Minnie Mouse.

Now the half-bun has proved itself as the easiest hair trend of the season (and taken over our office in the process!) it was only a matter of time before people started playing around with it.

We’ve already seen the double half bun, but the latest creation gets even better… and takes inspiration from your favourite Disney character too.

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Causing serious 90s nostalgia, Minnie Mouse buns are the younger cousin equivalent of the half bun – effortlessly cool, and pretty effortless to do as well. And don’t worry – they’ve come a long way from the Scary Spice and Gwen Stefani-style days.

Don't worry, they don't look like this any more. Image via Getty.

The modern Minnie Mouse buns are far more wearable than in the past (thank goodness!) and suitable for both long and short hair.

The renaissance started when Rihanna stepped out with flowing auburn hair... and two tiny buns perched on top of her head. Thus, a trend was born.

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Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora and vlogger Michelle Phan are also fans of the nostalgic trend. (Post continues after gallery.)

Although it's a rather whimsical hairstyle, it's a lot more wearable than you might think.

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Easier to style and far more flattering than scraping your hair up into two large 'ears', the look is fresh, fun and a (slightly) more sophisticated way to unleash your inner child.

How to

The look works best on textured hair, so start off with day old hair or add some sea salt spray to fresh hair.


1. Divide your hair into a part - centre or just off centre works the best.

2. Decide how far back you want the buns to be. You can take hair straight from the front for a more wearable look, or go playful by taking hair from the middle of your head, leaving hair at the front to soften and frame the face.

Intense concentration. Image: supplied

For cropped styles, take inspiration from Miley and take all your hair into the buns.

3. Taking the section of hair, twist around into a bun and secure with a hair tie or clip. The Lady Jayne Snagless Elastics ($4.99) work particularly well. Smaller buns are great for during the day, while the bigger you go, the more dramatic the look is.

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If you really want the Minnie effect, gently tease your buns with a comb or your fingers then seal with hairspray.

Luckily this is not a neat hairstyle - messy is better to keep up with "effortlessly cool" vibe rather than looking like you're trying too hard.

4. Go forth and find your Mickey!

While it's not a style I'd wear everyday, it's definitely a quick and fun style to try and mix things up with. Oh - and a great way of disguising a few days old hair until you have time to wash it.

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Twice the bun, twice the fun.

Have you jumped on the half bun wagon yet? Would you try it?