Fluff: Minnie Driver uncovers her father's secret life on tv.






Minnie Driver has revealed a dark family secret that her mother Gaynor was actually her father’s mistress – and he had a secret wife and family living elsewhere, while taking part in the tv show Who Do You Think You Are?

The 43-year-old discovered her father had another wife and children at age 12.

And similarly, for many years his wife Annie and her daughter Susan knew nothing of Gaynor, Minnie or her elder sister Kate.

“My parents met in 1962 and they were together for 13 years. They broke up when I was six and during that entire time he was married to someone else and had another family.

“I didn’t know until I was about 12. My dad lived a very split life. We just did not talk about where he came from.

“He spoke very succinctly about his mum and his dad but I never met my grandparents or saw even a photograph of them together – I always wondered what they looked like.”

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3. What is Michelle Bridges hiding?

The latest cover of New Idea magazine features fitness guru Michelle Bridges in a bikini along with the coverlines, “Michelle’s Revenge,” and “Dumped by Commando” but it’s not her relationship bust-up with the Biggest Loser trainer that’s caught the attention of media this morning but the tattoo she usually covers up.

Sydney Confidential reports the Asian symbol tattoo has disappeared from her torso in her latest swimwear shoot in New York.


“In our shoot Michelle asked for tattoo to be removed as she considers it private and would prefer to keep it that way, so Who respected her wishes,” Who editor Nicky Briger told Sydney Confidential.

4. David Jones ambassador Jessica Gomes has faced cruel weight jibes following her latest catwalk appearance. Here’s how she flipped the bird on Twitter.

5. She was called too pretty to be an engineer…

LinkedIn has found itself in the middle of a sexism shit storm after it pulled an ad of a woman they deemed “too attractive” to be a real-life web-engineer.

The developer-networking platform Toptal posted a series of advertisements onto LinkedIn targeted at the online and web-engineering sectors.

LinkedIn took down the ads with no explanation and requested Total supply images “related to the product.”

‘The fact of the matter is: members of the tech community (LinkedIn users) saw it as impossible that our female engineers could actually be engineers, and a leader of the tech community (LinkedIn) agreed with them,” wrote Toptal’s CEO, Taso Du Val.

“Unfortunately we’re banned from showing anything except 100 percent, all make software advertisements from now on and so, that’s what you’ll be getting.”

What do you think is banning the ad slut-shaming or do you mistake it for spam?


6. Oprah has confessed to carrying an extra head around … What the what? Click here for details and gape at the pic.

7. The Suri Cruise Effect.

We’re wondering why we first started wearing high heels. Was it a right-of-passage? Was it because they made our legs appear longer when we gazed into the mirror?

Well, we’re pretty sure that none of these were the reasons why Suri Cruise first started to wear heels. Or even, why the “Mini-Me Craze” of little girls wanting to wear high heels is now trending.


The New York Times reports that kiddie heels and wedges have gone from being the exception for celebrity offspring to now hitting the mainstream.

The look is turning up in schoolyards and on playgrounds from Hollywood to Madison Avenue.

GapKids has introduced two styles of wedge-heel sandals after selling wedge-heel sneakers for the first time last year. And the children’s spring line from US retail chain, Nina features a pair of hot-pink, bedazzled one-and a-half-inch wooden heels.

8. This might just be the most revealing celeb seflie ever … courtesy of Rihanna, naturally. Click to here to see it and give your verdict.

9. Gemma Ward pregnant with her first child.

Aussie supermodel Gemma Ward is reportedly six months pregnant with her first child.

The 25-year-old model and her long-time boyfriend David Letts, 27, are thrilled about the news with Letts sharing an ultrasound image on Instagram earlier this week.

Ward recently pulled out of a photoshoot and two public appearances despite being ready for a modelling comeback – no doubt the reason being her growing belly.

The Perth-born model previously stepped out of the media spotlight after the death of former boyfriend Heath Ledger in 2008.

10. Do you know a man who would actually wear this?

These Versace mesh and lace bodysuits for men are actually real, and they’re being sold for over 100 clams each. So why not get two for the special man in your life?