Minimnt is the new kidswear range that will have all the mums cheering.


As a parent of young children it’s easy to get stuck in a clothing rut. No, I’m not talking about you and your active wear (guilty), I’m talking about the kids.

For boys it’s shorts and t-shirts in the summer and jumpers and jeans in the winter. Girls have a little bit more of a choice but it’s all very similar.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see emerging kids wear labels looking to step out from the pink is for girls, blue is for boys framework and start designing clothing for kids personalities rather than for their gender.

Meet Minimnt, the brainchild of couple Matt and Ash.

Meet Ash and Matt from Minimnt (Supplied)

Ash has experience in designing clothing for kids having been responsible for launching one of the most iconic kidswear ranges in the country. But the stress of dealing with big company politics and cost cutting left her feeling underwhelmed with her highly sought after role.

Combined with Matt's business degree, they knew they had the winning formula when it came to providing designs for real Aussie kids. The range is all 'next level quality' and is 100 per cent cotton (read, easy to wash and wear) and proudly Australian made.

Minimnt are aimed at designing clothing for kids personalities (Supplied)

Rather than fitting in with the mould, Ash and Matt say they wanted to make an impact with their clothing and believe that kids should be able to express themselves through their clothing choices just like adults do. "We design clothing just for kids sized 3-7 years so the focus is completely on them and what they want to wear" their website explains "Of course boys can wear pink and girls can be in to cricket. Why the hell not?"

Why the hell not indeed.