Mindy Kaling has gone from brunette to blonde. (Sort of.)


Image: Instagram

Writer, comedian, film actress, creator and star of her own TV show: Mindy Kaling‘s professional history is both colourful and varied.

However, one thing has remained consistent throughout the roller-coaster of Mindy’s career, and that’s her hair colour.

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In true celebrity style, The Mindy Project star put an end to this consistency, debuting a new ombre dye job over the weekend. While she hasn’t played around too much with the cut of her hair, the 35-year-old’s new colour is much lighter and warmer than her natural dark brown. She’s gone for subtle blonde lowlights – and we love the result.

But the person who's thoughts really count are Mindy's, and she seems to be pretty happy indeed. She posted a picture of herself decked out in sparkly gold jacket, vertical striped shirt, red lipstick and diamond studs, alongside the caption, 'I'm blonde now guys, deal with it. @clarisshair & @kateydenno getting me ready for my new life as a R&B singer. Sparkle by @vitafede.'

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As a chronic multi-tasker, we're not quite sure how Mindy managed to find the time to update her hair colour.

We can only imagine that the appointment took place while she strolled around the set of The Mindy Project, with her hair stylists Clarissa Rubenstein and Katey Denno in tow, while also drinking a coffee in her left hand and writing the show's next episode with her right.

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