Mindy Kaling joins the 'lob' mob

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and we didn’t even need to check a calendar to know that. The proof is in the growing number of celebrity haircuts being paraded on social media.

Just this week Hilary Duff and Kaley Cuoco have debuted fresh summer cuts on Instagram; today, Mindy Kaling joins the club.

The Mindy Project‘s leading lady has just waved goodbye to neck sweat and chopped her hair into a long bob (the ‘lob’, for those in the know). She shared a photo of her fun new look on Instagram, writing, “Obsessed with my summer bob by @clarisshair. See ya sweaty neck, I got work to do.” 

Can't blame you, Minds - we imagine being a full-time comedienne, TV star, producer and all-round excellent person would be very sweaty work indeed.

Speaking of 'lobs', the group of famous women who have recently swapped their long hair for this choppy style - Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff, to name a few - is getting so huge it needs its own name. How about... Club Lob? The Lob Mob? The Lob-by? Suggestions welcome.

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