Nine simple ways to feed your mind, body and soul instantly.

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We make New Year’s resolutions and spring clean our wardrobes but who says you have to wait for a certain time of year to make new lifestyle choices? They don’t have to be drastic to make a big difference – in fact, a holistic overhaul is far easier than you think, no quitting sugar or travelling the world to ‘find yourself’ involved. We’ve rounded up nine practical and easy-to-commit-to kick-starting ways to feed your mind, body and soul that you can do right now. We feel better already.

1. Pick up the phone – but not for Facebook.

First thing on the morning, on the train, on the loo, during that meeting… Actually add up all that time spent scrolling through your feed and you’d be shocked at how much time you lose. Instead of passively seeing what your friends are doing online, next time feed your soul by picking up your phone and actually giving them a call. It doesn’t have to be long – just a 15 minute catch up will make you feel better and closer than commenting any timeline post will. Just maybe not while you’re on the toilet.


Instead of passively seeing what your friends are doing online pick up the phone and give them a call. Image: iStock.

2. Do one new thing a week.

When it seems like everyone off travelling while you're stuck at work, your everyday routine can seem a little dull. So change it. Make the promise to do one new thing a week and stimulate your mind. It could be as simple as going somewhere different for lunch rather than your usual haunt or taking a weekend away to a town you've never been in, trying a different exercise class or picking up a new hobby.  Change is as good as a holiday - no long haul flight required.

3. Nourish your body with healthy food (but without the hard work).

And no, that doesn’t mean hiring a celebrity personal chef. Youfoodz is a fresh home delivery food service with a difference, offering food to fit your lifestyle rather than the other way round. Each week you’ll get sent fresh (not frozen) meals made with fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Each dish from the ever changing 60 item menu is prepared by a professional chef (see, you’re almost a Kardashian!) and tried and tested multiple times to perfect the recipe.

Whether you want to just save time, eat clean or have strict dietary requirements, Youfoodz has you covered with healthy meals that don’t compromise on taste like tuna cakes with kale, pesto and broccoli and a chargrilled lemon pepper chicken that will have everyone drooling. There’s no contract, can be delivered within 12 hours and makes grocery shopping and cooking prep a thing of the past, freeing up an estimated 760 hours (or a whole month) a year. Yep, you’ll never eat frozen again.


Practically a Kardashian. Image: E! Entertainment.

4. Treat yo’ self.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others, so don't be afraid to buy yourself a bunch of flowers or a gift for no reason at all, crack out the good wine rather than the cheap bottle or light some candles and take a long, hot bath.  Your soul will thank you for it.


5. Meditate during your commute.

No longer is a lack of time an excuse against meditation. Rather than take time out of your day, use the idle time you have where you can't do anything else, like your morning commute. Ten to 15 minutes is all that's needed - pop on some headphones, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, nothing else. There are also some great apps to help - try Buddhify for mindfulness in seven minutes.

Use your commute time to mediate and get into a positiveBe state of mind. Image: Pexels.


6. Give yourself a compliment.

So often all our thoughts about our body focus on what we don’t like. Replace the negative talk with positive affirmations. When you get up, head to the mirror and give yourself a compliment. It could be 'My hair has dried really nicely today' or 'God, I look good in these pug-emblazoned pyjamas.' Say it and mean it. Alternatively, get crafty and put a ‘You look amazing’ message on your mirror that will do the job for you each morning.

7. Read one positive news story a week.

It's important to be aware of what’s going on in the world, but it's also OK to admit that hearing so much upsetting and horrible news constantly can hurt the soul. Balance the light and shade by going out of your way to read one positive news story a week.

It could be an interesting feature interview with a celebrity you admire, a human interest story about beating the odds or a TV recap of your favourite reality TV show. Whatever brings a smile to your face or leaves you feeling inspired.


"It could be an interesting feature interview with a celebrity you admire, a human interest story about beating the odds..." Image: Pexels.

8. Get outside.

It can be frighteningly easy to go the whole day without once stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. Getting outside in the sun has been proven time and time again essential for not only our mental health and wellbeing but also our productivity. Even just a walk round the block or walking to the station in the morning will make a world of difference.

9. Make your bedroom a sleep-haven.

We’re constantly searching for hacks to sleep better but one of the easiest and most effective change you can make is in your hands right now. The lights of our phone, TV and laptop screens disrupt our circadian rhythm, making it hard for our brains and bodies to switch off to go to sleep.

For the last 30 minutes before you go to bed avoid looking at screens and ban them from your bedroom. Read a book, talk to your partner or just take time to lie down process your thoughts. It'll calm your mind and you'll get a much better sleep for it.

How do you feed your mind, body and soul?