Mimi Elashiry's latest Instagram post has made her fans beg 'Please change the caption'.

Mimi Elashiry is an Australian blogger and model with a following of almost a million people.

With blonde-tipped hair and a seemingly endless supply of bikinis, the millennial is renowned for posting sunny beachside selfies; her quaint tattoos poking out every now and then.

And for the most part, her social media life goes without scrutiny, until a typical post on Sunday carried with it a not-so-typical caption.

Sun Down syndrome ????

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“Sun Down syndrome,” Elashiry wrote beneath a photo of her seated on the sand, drawing a connection between the sunset and, on one hand, the chromosomal disorder Down Syndrome that results in developmental and intellectual delays. On the other, Elashiry was referring to a rather debilitating symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.


Which condition the model had in mind when she pressed “publish” is not quite certain.

Either way, the peculiar caption drew ire from the model’s loyal followers.


"NOT an ok caption," one commenter wrote minutes after the post appeared in Instagram feeds.

"You should really change that caption," another wrote.

While one fan leapt to Elashiry's defence, telling others to, "Get your panties out of a bunch; stop getting offended so easily", the caption remained the talking point of the post.

"I'm sure it's unintentional but that's probably not the best choice of caption."

"Sundown syndrome is an actual syndrome not to be used in a playful manner."

"So inappropriate."

"This caption is terrible. So sad to use it when showing yourself smiling on the beach..."

Mamamia reached out to Mimi Elashiry, but did not receive a reply by time of publishing.

Do you think the post is offensive? Let us know in the comments below.

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