New real estate agency pairs millennials with property and nearest smashed avo.

It seems to be the catch cry of the millennial generation: We love avocado and toast, and lattes with turmeric and soy milk but we’ll never buy a home. Ha ha silly millennials with our warped priorities hah!

One real estate agent has capitalised on the idea and launched Avocado Real Estate. A type of realty that “believes there’s always room for a little breakfast indulgence while successfully saving up for a property deposit.”

Yep, it’s a Real Estate agency that shows off-the plan development lots for sale, alongside the best breakfast spots in the area.

All this talk about property is “gaslighting” millennials. Post continues below.

The catch? All the properties for sale are those of property developer Tim Gurner…

The same Tim Gurner who made headlines last week when he told millennials we should cease our whinging about the impossible-to-enter property market because all we need to do is stop buying avocado on toast and $4 coffees and then we might be able to save for a deposit.

(Clearly, that went down well for the multi millionaire).

Avocado Real Estate shows you an interactive map with the locations of Gurner’s off-the-plan developments ready for purchase... Image supplied.
But not without listing the best smashed avo nearby. Image supplied.

While the website for Avocado Real Estate is still under construction, we're hoping it's not a hoax and all of us can stick it to Gurner by buying his properties through Avocado Realty AND having our avo on toast, too (that'll show him, won't it?).

Whatever way we get there, here's to millennials having the best of both worlds.

It's something Avocado Real Estate clearly understands.