The way millennials parent is different to every other generation.

Millennials do a lot of things differently to other generations.

Our avocado toast is different.

Our homemaking is less permanent. (Read: impossible).

The way we work is faster, more fluid. We use different devices and apps in new industries with unheard-of job descriptions.

Now, data on the parenting tactics of millennials has been released. And, it turns out, we do that differently to other generations, too.

A recent report from Pew Research Center (a”fact tank” in the US that provides information on demographics) has provided insight into the parenting tactics of those born in 80s and the 90s.

It found we are more likely to prioritise parenthood and marriage above financial success. Researchers suggest the reason for this is that only six-in-ten millennials were raised by both parents; the rest were raised by divorced couples.

We are also more protective of our children. We are stubborn in that we don’t like taking parenting advice from others. And we praise our kids more frequently than any other generation.

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As well as this, research out of educational institution KinderCare in the US found millennial parents are more likely to reinforce positive behaviour, than punish negative behaviour.

“Around the mid-20th century, there was a strong shift from this notion that strict discipline and physical force were acceptable and even good ways to set limits on behaviour,” Dr. Kathleen Gerson, a sociology professor at New York University told KinderCare.

Millennial parents are overprotective and full of praise. Image via iStock.

Positive reinforcement aside, millennials aren't afraid to discipline their children.

According to a 2014 survey from the University of Chicago, 74 per cent of millennials believe "a good hard spanking is sometimes necessary to discipline a child".

There you have it: we are stubborn, protective and not afraid of spanking... So long as it doesn't interrupt our avocado toast.