We asked 6 millennials to spill their cheating secrets.

Ah, cheating.

A wandering eye, suspicious texts or flat-out douchebag antics are bound to destroy at least one romance in our lifetimes. (Especially with Tinder and Snapchat thrown into the mix… dirty rotten scoundrels.)

So, naturally, we reached out and asked millennials to spill their guts about every cheating experience they’ve ever had. Because, well, we do not respect personal privacy and NEED TO KNOW ALL OF THE THINGS.

These were the most fascinating and horrifying responses.

‘Yes, I’ve cheated. Three times.’

A 29-year-old woman who has both cheated and been cheated on spoke to us.

“I’ve cheated three times in total,” she shared with me. “Twice on one boyfriend (with guy mates) and once on another.

“I cheated on the first boyfriend because I was unhappy in the relationship, but didn’t quite know how to get out of it because we looked so good on paper. I felt guilty for not feeling as fulfilled or happy as I should have been and so made some pretty disrespectful decisions and cheated.”

So, why did she cheat on her second boyfriend?

“For the first time in my life I had a lot of male attention and got greedy.”

But wait – this story is far from over. Because it turns out Man Number Two was cheating on her also. Just, you know, for the entire relationship.

“For a long time there was no proof, but I had a really strong feeling about it,” the woman said. “We broke up because of other issues and it was only months later that several other girls got in contact and said they had been involved with him while we were dating.”


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‘My sex drive was just too intense.’

For a 24-year-old dude, cheating on his girlfriend will always be a big regret.

“I cheated twice,” he admitted. “My sex drive is much higher than my partners and I wasn’t satisfied with our regular sex life.”

Ah, it truly is a tale as old as time.

Mr Regretful Cheater thinks flirting is A-OK, and only classifies kissing as crossing a line.

He doesn’t buy into the ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ trope, either: “I think people are capable of change, especially as their relationships become deeper and more adult.”

‘He ghosted me so he could cheat’

While this 23-year-old woman has never cheated, her partner ignored her for three months so he could date someone else.

Yep, he bloody GHOSTED HIS OWN GIRLFRIEND to hook up with another woman.

Just… what?

“My partner came back into my life and then admitted they were dating someone else at the same time,” she told us.

That man belongs in the bin. IN THE BIN.

For this lady, flirting constitutes cheating. Basically, if there are feelings there, and you’re indulging them even without physical contact, you’re doing a dirty on your significant other.


That man belongs in the bin. IN THE BIN.

'Her friend sent me an abusive message, but I didn't even know.'

"When I was a teenager my boyfriend cheated on me, but I didn't catch him," a 25-year-old told us.

"A friend of the girl he'd cheated on me with sent an outraged text to me. She was angry that I'd stayed with the asshole. She didn't realise I didn't even know about it."


While the woman was deeply hurt by the experience, she doesn't believe cheating has to break a relationship.

"I've had friends who have repaired their bond after one of them cheated and now have a loving, healthy relationship," she told us.

'Her phone lit up in bed.'

This 23-year-old dude found himself in Heartbreak City when he saw his girlfriend's text messages.

"[We had been in bed] and she left her phone unlocked. I saw she was getting messages, read up through the conversation and saw she had been catching up with this guy."

While he has never cheated himself, he does go through his current partner's phone to check there's nothing suss going on.

He's also a firm believer that yes, if you've cheated once, you'll probably cheat in every relationship.

'Okay, so I did something at a party...'

For this 22-year-old laydee, being paid attention by a dude with nice biceps was just too bloody much to resist.

"I cheated once," the woman, who has never been cheated on, shared. "I kissed another guy at a party a week before I ended my relationship. I was drunk and tempted by a very good looking guy."

But don't call this lass a cheater for life. She argues cheating depends entirely on the relationship and its circumstances, not on who you are as a person.

Have you been cheated on? Tell us your story in the comments below...