How to master the milkmaid braid in 5 steps.

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Long hair and hot weather have a complicated relationship.

While loose, flowing beachy waves immediately come to mind when we talk about summer in Australia, the reality of wearing your hair down is a little… well, it’s incredibly sweaty. As a result, you’ll spend the entire three months wearing a top knot just to get all that weight off your neck.

But there’s no reason why you can’t tie your hair up in a more — dare we say it — interesting way. Enter the milkmaid braid: a ‘do that’ll keep your hair in place, while looking way trickier than it is.

Watch and learn from our resident braid pro Lauren. (Post continues after video.)

How it’s done

Step 1: Divide your hair hair down your middle part into two sections and plait both down each side, starting at your ear.

Step 2: Secure with elastics.

Step 3: Pull one of the plaits over the top of your head and fasten with bobby pins.

Step 4: Pull the second plait over your head behind the first plait and secure with bobby pins.

Step 5: Tuck the ends underneath the plaits and secure with pins.

In case you need further incentive to embrace the milkmaid braid, check out these A-list efforts:

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