Miley Cyrus' "worst nightmare" involves her hit song Wrecking Ball.

In an interview surprisingly tender, pop sensation Miley Cyrus has shared how she feels haunted by one of her biggest hits.

Wrecking Ball was one of the key songs that launched Cyrus into the charts when it was released in 2013. It was also the artist’s first number one single in the United States.

Cyrus, 24, told listeners of the Zach Sang Show podcast she felt as though she would always be “the naked girl on a wrecking ball.”

Cyrus in the Wrecking Ball music video. (Source: YouTube/Vevo.)

“I’m never living that down. I will always be the naked girl on a wrecking ball. No matter how much I just frolic with Emu, I’m always the naked girl on the wrecking ball," she said.

The singer made the reveal when she was asked to play a game of "Marry, Eff, Kill" using her songs.

“Marry would probably be The Climb because it still has a message I’m down with,” said Cyrus.

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“Eff would be 7 Things, kill would be Wrecking Ball."

Cyrus continued to explain why she felt as though her image remained so strongly connected to a song she made four years ago.

“That’s something you can’t take away … swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever. Once you do that in the mass that I did, it’s forever," she said.

(Source: YouTube/Vevo.)

The Malibu singer said she feared the song would follow her to her grave.

“That’s my worst nightmare, is that being played at my funeral ... like, ‘We’ll always remember Miley,’ and then that," she admitted.

The music video for Wrecking Ball memorably captured the then 20 year old swinging naked on a wrecking ball.

Cyrus faced criticism for the sexual themes present in the clip before the "blame" was partly shifted onto its director and notorious fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

The original YouTube clip of Wrecking Ball currently has over 883 million views. Fans continue to comment on the clip and discuss its themes.

"I understand that people found this really disturbing and disgusting but you really need to understand art. This video is actually really well done so stop shaming this girl for expressing herself," one fan wrote last week.