FLUFF: Someone is suing Miley Cyrus over her tongue.

Could the powerful reign of Miley Cyrus‘ tongue be coming to an end?

One guy is trying to make that happen, after an experience in which he alleges Miley’s tongue NEARLY KILLED HIM.

But, those of you hoping Miley has some kind of horrific tongue-related STI (don’t pretend like you weren’t you sickos) are going to be diasppointed; the tongue in question is actually this one:

For those not in the know, Miley’s Bangerz Tour concerts open with her sliding down a giant version of her own tongue that’s poking out of a giant version of her own face:

It’s now being reported that one of the workers who had the lucky job of building Miley’s giant tongue-slide was injured during the construction – and he wants the big bucks. He’s taking the production company to court because he was “not properly warned over the dangers involved” in working with Miley’s tongue.

Bet she’s heard that before, amiright? (ZING!)

Here’s Miley in happier, pre-tongue lawsuit times:

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