Liam Hemsworth nailed Miley Cyrus' birthday present this year.

It may not be the most conventional of birthday presents, but hey, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are hardly your conventional affianced couple.

Celebrating Miley’s 24th birthday together on Wednesday, Hemsworth shared a photo of Cyrus in bed holding a DIY present box that would make Neil from Art Attack! proud.

“Happiest birthday to my favourite little angel!” the 26 year old captioned the shot.

Inside the unicorn and diamante-clad box was a ring.

Unlike the vintage Neil Lane sparkler Hemsworth first proposed with in 2012 (that Cyrus still wears occasionally), the new ring is a large gold circular number fitted with rainbow jewels. And no, she’s not wearing it on her ring finger, friends.

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It’s about as Miley as you can get, and she seemed pretty thrilled, posting a series of photos of her birthday morning in bed and the ring to her Instagram account.

“Best bday evaaaaaa!!!!!!! Thank you my loooooove,” Cyrus captioned an image of herself lying in bed amongst balloons and flowers.

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“Look at datttt Rainboooowwwwwwww rock!” Cyrus added to an image of her birthday present, adding, “You always know how to make my ‘grubby little kid fingers’ *SHINE*!!! (P.S. please take notice of that beautiful packaging!!!!)” (Post continues after gallery.)

The new ring comes after Cyrus admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that the vintage Neil Lane ring her fiance originally proposed with “isn’t my aesthetic,” but told him, “I’ll wear it because you love me.”

Hemsworth finally confirmed the pair’s relationship status in May this year after they’d been spotted together several times. The couple first began dating almost six years ago until their engagement was called off in September 2013. But don’t hold your breath over a second engagement just yet, he told GQ magazine recently that he’s “not engaged”.

Watch this space.